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Wardrobe: Erden Telemisov

Photographed by Kristina Cherova (FotodayStudio)

Erden Telemisov - actor, TV presenter

Ерден Телемисов - актер, телеведущий.

What style do you prefer?

Erden Telemisov: «I prefer a free style. As for me it's perfect when I wear sneakers, jeans and bright, preferably positive, T-shirt. My wife often berates me because I wear the same jeans and t-shirt for a long time»!


Wardrobe: Xenia

Photographed by Kristina Cherova (FotodayStudio)

Xenia– singer, composer and songwriter

Xenia– певица, композитор-песенник

What style do you prefer?

Xenia: «I prefer different styles of clothes and I love to be different. For example, today I can wrap myself in a warm cosy sweater or negligent cardy, coarse-knitted, such as Vivienne Westwood, or vice versa, the feminine pastel shades of Blumarine and plus my favorite comfortable jeans. And tomorrow I can be dressed in a small black Chanel dress, supplementing an image with a string of pearls and look already distinguished and elegantly»

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