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My red carpet look

Photographed by Kristina Landina (FotodayStudio)

The dress code is adopted at official receptions, balls, theater premieres, weddings of dignitaries called White tie. This is the most rigorous of all the dress codes, which involves not only a long dress to the floor, and long gloves, shoes with a closed nose and no imitation jewelry, but jewelry.


The Wedding Dress

Photographed by Madi Sarsenov

Wedding Dress is the most important outfit in the life of every girl. In search of «exactly that» dress every bride looks in all bridal salons of the city, views  online shopping and fashion magazines, because she wants to be incredibly beautiful, gentle and at the same time very bright and memorable.


Back to 80’s

The eighties are known as the «decade of a bad taste», probably because pants bananas really do figure thicker, legs-shorter , backcombing hair and other strange hairstyles as after shock are not quite beautify and incredibly bright makeup makes faces some unnatural. Just in the 80's in trend were such incredible combination of textures and colors as acid green, fuchsia, bright purple, canary yellow and so on and all along, and all at once.


Pin-up Girl

Many hanks “Fotoday Studio”!

So I created the look in retro «Pin-up» style, it took me a magnificent red dress in small peas (one of my favorite prints worn retro girls), shoes - pumps and playful umbrella.  It turns out that in 30-50 years, all the girls curled hair in a variety of neat curls and they made a flirtatious hairstyle. Lips had to paint a bright lipstick, and forever must be decorated with the black arrows. By the way, the dresses «in pea» are trendy this season. It made me very happy, because I'm a fan of this nice print.


“Exactly that” dress!

Many hanks “Fotoday Studio”!

Once again, having revised «Sabrina» with Audrey Hepburn in a leading role, I was deeply moved that I wanted a dress with a heap of skirts. I looked for such dress everywhere: in big shopping centers, small boutiques and tailoring shops; but I couldn't find suitable. For example, I saw a nice one but it wasn’t that I need. One day, when I forgot both about «Sabrina» and about a dress, I simply went to buy casual clothing and I saw it …It was «exactly that dress»! Moreover, it wasn’t hanging in the show-window, not even in the department of evening dresses. You will not believe it lost among ordinary things.


Back to the 30’s

Many thanks "Fotoday Studio".

Recently, I had a question: « Why is the style of a retro of the 30th so popular now? ». Dresses in style of the 30th, jewelry, hats, parties and even weddings. And it's not because of «The Great Gatsby» movie and the clothes for this film, which, incidentally, created by Miuccia Prada. Maybe the reason is that this convenient casual captivated everything and everywhere? Maybe comfortable but ugly clothes, finally became bored?

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