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People say how you do celebrate New Year that’s how you will spend this all year. So if in New Year it is simple to sit and watch TV, you will stay all holidays on a sofa. Although, despite what it will be a sofa and a house. Perhaps it is worth rejecting standard Russian salad, tangerines and a fir-tree, and to arrange a cheerful masquerade? What do we need? Off course, we need masks, a little bit New Year entourage and cocktail dress code.


After Party

Sometimes it’s happened that you are preparing for a party for a whole week. You are thinking about your outfit, accessories and the hairstyle. And then, suddenly, you realize that you really want to get away from the hustle and bustle that you seem superfluous at this celebration of life. In this moment you can go home and have a great after-party only for yourself.

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