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We are participants of the Vernissage for the first time! Now the works of our photographer become part of the art project «Argamaks in town!» & «Derby Hat». On December 20 at 17 o'clock in the «Art Samal» gallery there was an opening of the exhibition devoted to the most handsome, beautiful and graceful animals - horses. It could be seen painting, sculpture, photography, a themed jewelry and fashion show We tried very hard to imagine styles «derby» and «country» in hats, and also, observing the dress code, we took a pictures, wearing bohemian fashion hats. We met with artists, sculptors, art historians, and even with many very interesting people.


Modern gnomes or our response to Snow White

New Year is a special holiday! And not only because it’s celebrated practically around the world, but also because it causes wonderful associations in the head of any person. We wait for miracles more than ever in anticipation of a New Year. On December 31 all we get the treasured desires from undercover corners of our souls. And New Year's Eve vanity forces us to forget about everything, except preparation for a holiday. And these days there is a wish to return to the childhood, to listen or read the fairy tale or maybe to watch the movie about magic. Here we decided to become fantastic characters, at least for a one day. Snow, New Year tree … Snow White and Dwarfs!

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