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Modern gnomes or our response to Snow White

New Year is a special holiday! And not only because it’s celebrated practically around the world, but also because it causes wonderful associations in the head of any person. We wait for miracles more than ever in anticipation of a New Year. On December 31 all we get the treasured desires from undercover corners of our souls. And New Year's Eve vanity forces us to forget about everything, except preparation for a holiday. And these days there is a wish to return to the childhood, to listen or read the fairy tale or maybe to watch the movie about magic. Here we decided to become fantastic characters, at least for a one day. Snow, New Year tree … Snow White and Dwarfs!


Little black dress

Many thanks Furniture showrooms "Life Deco"!

The thirty-first of December morning can't be compared to anything. Confusing excitement covers all of us cherishing the New Year's desire, prepared in each our head. What do people dream about? What do they want from this only day in a year, from this only night… Do the miracles exist? Is it possible to get to the fairy tale? And if the clock strikes twelve, and there will be something mystical? For example, the prince will arrive on a white horse and take you to the distant Kingdom. Oh, yes. You must be ready for such happy end. Wear a little black dress which is actual always and everywhere.

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