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A film about making music

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On February 17, we and other lucky people visited pre-premiere screening of the film «What Difference Does It Make?» from the Red Bull Music Academy, which was held simultaneously in 65 cities of the world, located in all 39 time zones. We saw a movie about making music, what it means to live for the music and express yourself through?


Unusual skating

In these latter days anywhere and everywhere there is only the sports subject! Sure, The Winter Olympic Games lead people on a sports theme. By the way, the sportswear can be picked up for every taste and a purse, after all its variety is so great that there is even a chance to buy both practical, and beautiful. That is why we decided not to lag behind the general sports fever and to go to the rink.


Almost fairies and pirates

Funny, touching, exciting and magical computer animated film «The Pirate Fairy» is set to be released on February 13 in all cinemas. In this animation movie from «Disney» the colorful history about fairies and a «piracy subject» were connected. And we, first of all, were wondering how to beat the delicate and fairy light clothes and a brutal pirate outfit in the costumes of heroes. Indeed, the authors of «The Pirate Fairy» tried so much over the images of the heroes.


So different hats

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This time we decided just to come up with two types of the fashionable winter look on which creation we were inspired by the collections of the "Salta" Kazakhstan brand. The first things that we noticed, having entered into the boutique of this brand were headdresses. Fluffy sheepskin hats and a hat with the huge fields, we’d selected all other components of these looks especially for them.

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