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Pretty flirty skirt

To be honest, any flared skirts are my passion. It can be long, midi, mini, warm, lightweight and any type. Whenever I see flared skirt in the shop, I shall buy it exactly even if it is «nowhere suitable».  Oh, yes! If the skirt to nothing suitable from what is already in my wardrobe I just need to buy something appropriate with it and the problem will be solved. And this flirty red skirt can be combined with almost any «top» and footwear. It can become a bright addition to a casual outfit or it turn into a cocktail look. Will only need to wear a nice blouse and add a bit of shiny jewelry. This combination of skirt, the striped sweater and boots on a hairpin are perfect for the date!


My warm comfortable scarf

Two years ago I bought my first snood, it is called circle - scarf. When I first time wrap it around the neck, it saved me from suddenly started snowing. I just put it on like a hat and walked on. It turns out in medieval Europe, mesh, in which the ladies hid their hair, had been called «Snood». And now, it’s the name scarf closed into a ring.

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