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Amazing orange bag

Orange bag from Guy Laroche can do any outfit and decorate even the most ordinary and boring look.  When you have such a gorgeous bag, you can walk among the grey crowd and be sure 100% that you will not merge with the mass. Do you remember how in the song of group “Bravo” they sing about “stylish orange tie"?  “I know exactly that the brightest light, light that gives to all..” the stylish orange bag.  I didn’t turn out to rhyme but you understand the meaning. 


Oriental fairy tale

During my last trip to the United Arab Emirates, I bought  an enormous number of beautiful things and handmade accessories at markets and fairs. Looking at the chic women who live in this country, I wanted to try on a similar  image.  After all, they're indescribably beautiful in all this brilliant splendor, which looks very stylish with black abaya and hijab. They are incredibly harmoniously learned to combine tradition and modern trends. By the way, in U.A.E, you can buy abaya from Chanel, Dior and other luxury brands. 

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